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John Stokes

John Stokes

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

John's upbringing in New Zealand in a large family of 11 and his early work experiences shaped his strong sense of leadership and independence. After experiencing a layoff early in his professional career, John discovered his true calling in assisting others during periods of transition, particularly in financial advising. He received comprehensive training at a Fortune 100 financial services company, which equipped him with the expertise to establish his own wealth-management firm, John Stokes Financial, in 2004. The firm, with multiple locations throughout California, prioritizes addressing the needs of professionals navigating transitions, benefiting from John's personal experience in the process.

John's commitment to supporting professionals in transition extends beyond his firm. He and his team of professionals have conducted thousands off educational workshops reaching corporate professionals from diverse backgrounds, including Fortune 500 companies, professional firms, international corporations, outplacement firms, and federal and state agencies. As an accomplished speaker and educator, John covers critical topics such as unemployment, investment and rollover options, federal and state benefits, retirement, and financial planning. Through these workshops, he empowers individuals to make informed decisions and navigate life-changing events more smoothly, ultimately paving the way for a secure financial future.

In addition to his extensive professional credentials, including holding Series 7, 63, and 66 securities registrations and being a licensed Life, Disability, Health, and Annuity Agent with the California Department of Insurance (license #0D16679), John is also investment advisory licensed in all 50 states. He maintains active membership in the Financial Services Institute and remains up to date on the latest regulatory changes in the financial industry, leveraging this knowledge to enhance the firm's client service model.  Notably, John has been featured in the OC Register and as a guest speaker on Kitces's Financial Advisor Success Podcast, and the Balanced Growth Show with Dr. Travis Parry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, John is passionate about giving back to the community. He previously owned a professional development soccer team that helped players advance their skills for collegiate and professional levels. Additionally, he dedicates time to speaking at youth organizations, sharing his personal story and offering guidance to inspire others that a better life is attainable, regardless of their background. He considers his role as a mentor to be one of his greatest accomplishments, extending his guidance not only to his employees but also to his children. John, his wife Miki, and their two sons live in Southern California with their 2 dogs and two rabbits. The Stokes Family actively participate in animal philanthropy initiatives and National Parks Protections.

With his wealth of experience, commitment to personal growth, and dedication to serving others, John is a trusted source of inspiration for individuals navigating transitions and seeking a more secure financial future.